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Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition not only go hand in hand - or should - but they are two of my biggest passions. In terms of fitness I've kind of done it all. I've played sports, practiced martial arts, tried yoga, and I have pursued fitness at a standard gym, through crossfit, and at home. I have my level one Crossfit certificate and am a huge advocate of Crossfit. Last year I was on my own fitness journey/experiment of working out solely at home with minimal equipment and really enjoyed that. Right now I am super happy to be back at Crossfit and am enjoying not only the community and workouts but also the gains. Basically I am a proponent of doing whatever feels best for your body. We all need to be physically active to stay healthy or to pursue a higher level of health, so try new things and find out what gives you the best results. In terms of nutrition, I was raised by parents who are health and wellness gurus of sorts and so I learned nutrition and the impact it has on our health from a young age. In fact, I'm pretty sure my first word was macronutrient...just kidding, that would have been cool though! So, with all of that said, on this page I share my personal journey along with recipes, workouts, and advice! Plus, I am always happy to help on an individual level so please message me with any questions!

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