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Life & Love

Love is the best thing we, as humans, do. Think about all the incredible things humanity has done in the name of love. It connects us globally, within our communities, as friends and family, as partners, and to ourselves. On all levels, it's indescribably present and important. I endeavor to constantly cultivate love in my life from self-love to my relationships with friends and family and also within my community. 

Life and love are often fraught with challenges and mishaps and 9 times out of 10 they end up being really funny or crazy stories when you let go of the notion that things ever turn out perfectly. Here I'll share things I'm loving, what is inspiring me, and my stories as I navigate the rollercoaster that is life in the pursuit of adventure, laughter, and love. This is the lifestyle blog portion of my site, and I would love to hear about your life - the wins, the challenges, and the laughs!

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